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Palmer in Action: The Everett AquaSox

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Palmer in Action: The Everett AquaSox

By Drew Palmer | February 19, 2013

“Nobody ever said, ‘Work ball!’ They say, ‘Play ball!’ To me, that means having fun.”    Willie Stargell

AquaSox baseball adWords of wisdom from a baseball legend. Here at Palmer, we are HUGE baseball fans. There are few things we like as much as advertising, but baseball may be one of them. When we get to combine the two we have a whole lot of fun.

We’ve worked with a variety of different sports clients over the years and some of our favorites have been the minor league baseball teams.

One client we’ve been working with over the years is the Everett AquaSox Baseball Club, located about 35 minutes outside of Seattle in Everett, Washington.

One advertising technique we really capitalize on when working for our minor league baseball clients is negotiating added value.

We believe in fighting for our clients at Palmer and stretching their budgets to get the maximum return on investment.  Media reps can be tricky to work with, but we aren’t afraid to push.

For example, when we agree to run three print ads, we’ll push to get the fourth free, or when we run on-line banner ads for our clients, we make it a priority to receive the maximum amount of bonus impressions.  

Generally, the goal for all minor league advertising and marketing is to drive more people to the online ticketing page to increase ticket sales.  

“Palmer is very easy for us to recommend,” said Brian Sloan, VP of Corporate Partnerships, Everett AquaSox Baseball Club.  “We experienced the highest volume of on-line ticket sales in the 29-year history of the ball club working with Palmer.”

“Palmer is very easy to work with and they definitely maximize our budget to ensure we are receiving a nice mix of media options,” said Brian. “Being a minor league sports franchise in a major league market presents many challenges to advertising our brand.  Palmer has definitely helped us weed through the many options to ensure maximum results.”

AquaSox Baseball ad

Gee, thanks Brian! When we like whom we’re working for it really makes it easy.

Baseball is America’s pastime, and as an ad agency we’re serious about it.

As with all our marketing and advertising campaigns for clients, we look at our vast variety of inbound and outbound marketing services and decide which outlets will drive the most amounts of on-line ticket sales for the Everett AquaSox.

For our minor league baseball clients we have created:

  • Radio Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • E-blasts leading to an on-line ticketing page
  • On-line banner advertisements
  • Outdoor billboard advertisements 

Using the Palmer Process we create the appropriate branding and messaging for the client, then we customize from our long list of services.  After advertising and marketing campaigns are set in motion we constantly analyze to make sure all campaigns are producing results for the client.

As we said, we like Baseball almost as much as we like advertising.  Working with clients we like only helps us help you.

Thanks Brian and the Everett AquaSox Baseball Club for choosing Palmer. We can’t wait for baseball season to start.

Play ball!

Want to learn more about how we combine inbound and outbound marketing services to help our clients excel? Click the link below.
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